Steve's recording career started approximately 20 years ago, as a tape operator at Gateway Studios, prior to this he spent time as a bass player in various rock and pop bands. In that time, he has recorded and mixed a variety of musical styles such as, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Opera, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Avant-garde, World Music, and for labels and clients such as ECM, Mercury, Decca, EMI, Ninja Tunes, Sanctuary, Virgin, Universal, BBC TV and Radio, Channel 4...

For a list of signed and unsigned artists and groups Steve has worked with over the years, see the artists page.

Since going freelance in 2005, Steve has been kept busy in the studios of London, as well as on various locations including, Nairobi, Kenya, The Republic of Mali in Africa, Abergavenny Wales, Glasgow Scotland and Norbury. Studios have included: British Grove Studios, Metropolis Studios, Markangelo Studios, Phoenix Sound at Pinewood Film Studios, Olympic Studios, Assault and Battery 2 Studios, The Musikbox Studios, YourSpace at FX Rentals.

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